May 29, 2011


Parighasana ~ Gate Pose

Parigha: Iron Bar or Beam used for shutting or locking a gate.

Side-stretching increases your capacity for deeper breathing by opening more space in the infrequently elongated side-body. Side-stretching allows your breath to be 3-dimensional. Breath is Prana, the energy source of life. This pose is life changing. Deeper breaths will calm your nerves and increase your metabolism; you will burn at a more efficient rate with Parighasana.

On being bored and keeping busy. 
Being bored is not the result of an outside stimulus, or lack thereof, but a discontentment with oneself. You are not bored, you are boring.  

"What are you doing to keep busy?" This is often a question asked to the unemployed, a housewife or any other non-nine-to-fiver. This question always strikes me as odd: as though keeping busy is an end goal or achievement, and not-doing is entirely undesirable. This question has everything to do with the questioner and nothing to do with the questioned. (If you have ever been asked this and it irked you, rest easy and take pity!) People feel the need to "keep busy," or else they fear they have no purpose or are worthless. The idea of keeping busy comes from a place of insecurity and fear. Much like he or she who is often bored, the busy-bees are afraid of being alone in stillness with themselves, but the truth is there is nothing to do; just being is enough. 

Palace of Versailles Front Gate

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