April 10, 2010

Less is more more more!!!!!!

Except when it comes to exclamation points.

“Moderation in all things, including moderation.” -Petronious

As the weather gets warmer and the clothing skimpier we naturally clean our diets- even if that simply means adding more water/fruit/greens and light foods (while not necessarily taking anything away. The old spring cleaning phrase reminds us it is imperative to clean other aspects of our lives as well. I am a lover of organization, labeling, minimizing, cleanliness, and streamlining. Though I love it now, this wasn’t always so and I am by no means at the professional level- at least not yet. I would say I have achieved near perfectionism in packing, but we can leave that lesson for another day.

As with packing, the key to a clean and uncluttered house is to reduce and simplify. Give it away, throw it out, whatever you do get rid of it! Let it be someone else’s problem. There are so many junk removal businesses these days and the savvy entrepreneurs of these companies didn’t become millionaires practically overnight for nothing. We all have too much stuff and the majority of it is JUNK. Go to the nearest Salvation Army in your or your friend’s SUV, call your local veterans donation association (they will generally pick up for you,) hold a yard/garage sale, E-bay it, or give to a needy friend or neighbor. Anything is better than letting stuff hang around and clog your physical landscape and hence your emotional terrain too.

Physical objects are literally blockages we have to get around unless we get rid of them. Everything has a place, and everything in its place.

If you don’t NEED IT or LOVE IT get rid of it!!!!!! BE RUTHLESS!!!

My mom just sold her sprawling home for a trim apartment and let me tell you not a single family member misses one thing we got rid of (and we ditched 80% of our material possessions, conservatively.)

Now she lives amongst her most favorite objects in pure serenity; nothing tethering her down or holding her back.

A clear space and a clean body gives us freedom to be happy and thrive. An organized house allows us to move through life smoothly with ease and joy, just as your body functions with fluidity when unblocked and free of excess.

Clean ONE spot in your house today (make-up area, underwear drawer, nightstand…)- I will too!

Maybe that one will lead to more…

If you are really not sure about parting with an object just make a limbo bag/box and if you don’t retrieve anything from that quasi-trash after a few months than toss it for real.

Standing up or lying down: TWIST to remove toxins from your bod and aid in digestion.


Lisa said...


What a wonderful blog! BOY do I need to get rid of some things in my apartment. Thanks for the inspiration.

Marguerite said...

very inspiring post, Astrid! I am following your suggestion and doing the ultimate spring cleanse-ditching my apt! I may need more advice following the switch! love love love you! xoxo

Astrid said...

Don't forget to get rid of the toxic relationships too ladies! haha.