April 26, 2010

Raining cats and dogs

My new Initials-to-be APK

Today I woke up at ten! Ugh! Without a schedule forced upon me I often have slip-ups like this that throw me off of my game. In all fairness, its been thundering and lightening all night and morning.. pouring, pouring!

J is basking in vacation mode after tough finals, to boot, but I have no excuse. Waking up late makes me very grumpy.

My brother M and his son littleM were just in Palm Beach too. LittleM, five months old, has a strict schedule and if he is even ten minutes off of his nursing, eating, sleeping, napping times life just simply doesn't run as smoothly as it could. Without realizing it, I think we all get fussy when our routine is disturbed.

I have made a conscious effort as I travel to keep regularity and it isn't easy. When on the road we are exposed to differences in time, weather, mood, and company. We are subject to other people's timetables and our own agenda comes secondary. When out and about and away from home I aim to:

-stay in a hotel not a crash pad*
-wake up an hour before everyone else, or before I have to go about the day, for light stretching (yoga) and pampering
-drink even more water than I do at home
-drink less alcohol than I want to
-err on the short side for trip length
-use alarm clocks (only trust my inner compass at home)
-do as the natives do. I don't try to make my stay 'like home', rather I enjoy, indulge and throw myself into wherever I am: sure, I like my herbal tea, but if you're drinking Cafe Con Leche count me in!

*Yes, I might be on vacay to visit my peeps, but unless I'm certain I won't be on top of them during the debauchery, I get a room of my own so I have a haven to retire to and they can go about their life in peace. As we get older personal space becomes more precious, as twenty-somethings we are caught between college insanity and grown-up formality in so many ways, it's not an easy place to be.
Unless there is at least an extra bedroom and spare key, get thee to the Ritz.

exception: If you're visiting me, ignore all of the above, you're staying at my place!

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