April 7, 2010

Sent from my iPad

So, I sprung for an iPad! And my favorite feature thus far (and not very far have I gone,) are the drawing apps. Sketchbook Pro holds a lot of promise, and above is my first virtual doodle.

J and I had Italian style breadcrumb stuffed artichokes last night for dinner. This is one of my favorite snacks/accompaniments that I get at Bice in Palm Beach, FL. I didn't quite hit the mark (too much bread, not moist enough,) so if anyone knows how to properly make a delicious stuffed artichoke please do comment.

love the site Boing Boing. My brother M and many others argue it may be the best site on the web?


Anthony said...

Stuffed artichokes are my favorite. My grandmother made the best artichokes when I was a kid. I'll see if I can get any pointers for you from my fam. Oh and I am very jealous that you got an iPad.

Charlotte Gillett Barnes said...

Patrick Parker taught me how to eat artichokes in 1997. I was sitting next to him, in his dining room in Cleveland Heights, almost choking as I attempted to chew and swallow. I will never forget that moment. I thank him because it is now one of my favorite foods. I would like to learn how to make stuffed artichokes!!