April 25, 2010

My boyfriend's back

After two weeks away from one another (and, as J noted, our first time separated after our engagement,) J, my fiance, and I reunited in Palm Beach where we are visiting my mom. We are used to spending substantial blocks of days apart and have grown to cope quite well. I would even go so far as to say that it makes us stronger, because during these spurts we grow as individuals.

"Let their be spaces in your togetherness." (Khalil Gibran)- the man.

when apart we have learned to:

-write letters (not emails) via the pony express (not cyberworld)
-keep phone conversations just long enough to tell each other how much you miss and love each other
-not long enough to start fighting*
-not go into great detail about what you are up solo for it is a sure way to spark jealousy (someone is bound to be having more fun than the other)
-change/grow a little, but not too much (a new outfit, a tan- not a tattoo)

*short/sweet frequent phone calls, but conversely long, romantic letters is the best advice I can impart to another- it got us through four years of long distance, sometimes on different continents.

When we are together the whole is greater than the sum of our parts!
For the four years we have spent pining for one another, we have also spent four wondrous years living together! We keep that fresh by:

-clear-cut roles and duties
-a clean house
-dinner together every night AT THE TABLE
-flowers for me
-baked goods for him
-no mindless TV surfing
-instead, TV shows we follow together weekly
-with separate popcorn bowls- J eats popcorn like a tennis ball machine set on the highest level
-NOTES: little stickies with sweet nothings

have colored Sharpies and post-its all over for communication at its best!

What are your tricks for long-distance jaunts and tips for sharing small quarters?

Note: As I am out of town I have been using my iPad "sketch" application to create the doodles... let's just say it's a learning process, with a lot of room for improvement!

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