April 20, 2010

BUBBLY the champagne hangover

It's the mind that makes the body

Yes, while water, fresh citrus juice and a banana may help with our hangovers the only cure is- as my driving instructor Mr. O put it succinctly- TIME.

So, the real question is not how to try to "cure" the hangover, but how we treat ourselves as our body does so naturally. We have 24 hours, give-or-take, to heal and we can only help the process by making the best of it. The key to bouncing right back from a hangover or any setback in life is compassion and forgiveness. Why is it that we practice so much empathy and kindness towards others but never ourselves?

As we grow older it seems that we easily obey the golden rule but so often forget to inverse it on ourself. "TREAT YOURSELF AS YOU WOULD TREAT OTHERS."

Bubble baths, a warm cup of amazing coffee (a little caffein is thought to help,) steamed veggies, great movies, wonderful company... surround yourself with what you love and makes you feel good. Call the person who always manages to cheer you up, re-read something inspirational, partake in light and enjoyable exercise, and think only good thoughts! (When we are thinking lovely thoughts the not so lovely ones are pushed out since there isn't room for two at once.)

No punishing, scolding, or starving allowed. And no hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you either!

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