November 27, 2010

the body is mutable

Casual-cute for the law school crowd on Saturday. Drawn on a legal pad.
Sipping Jack and Coke, hold the Jack.

"In general, there seems to be a grand canyon-sized disparity between how we want to be, how we think we should be, and what we are. And contained in this deep valley separating what we are and what we want to be is obsessive, intense, and senseless worry about body shape and size."

"In our culture, we are bombarded by messages reinforcing the current trend in body shape and size. And that’s all it is: a trend that has turned into a huge fear of fat."

What you fear will appear. What you resist will persist.

"Contrary to the trend, yoga is not about, and has never been about, becoming a supermodel or a gymnast. Physical yoga is simply a means of perfecting the body and its functions to get it out of the way. The body is changeable. Yogis have known this for thousands of years."

"Begin thinking and feeling for yourself. How does your body feel? Decide for yourself how you want to improve your experience of yourself. Don’t worry about your audience or your critics. If you feel good, anyone who sees you will be drown to you, no matter what your shape and size."

all of the "above" Steve Ross, Happy Yoga. CLICK!