November 10, 2010

mad cow, cash cow, prize cow, sacred cow

Holy cow!

What kind of cow are you?
A prize cow or a sacred cow?
~The prize cow is a reflection on its owner. Fenced in and powerless over its circumstance. The prize cow wins competitions for its keeper, is judged upon its appearance, glorified for its milking abilities and sold to breed.
~The sacred cow is free and liberated. The sacred cow can do no wrong and is deemed perfect as it is. The sacred cow is a living symbol of mother earth.

We are all meant to be sacred cows.
How can you act more like a sacred cow if you feel you lost your way? Know that you are already full, there is no need to stuff yourself with anything else. Who you are and what you do is not about other people. You are accountable only to yourself. Everything that should be will be. There is no searching or weighing options. Opportunities arise on their own. The path is cleared automatically. You already have everything figured out. Just be with it.
In the West we glorify the fenced-in, farm owned, stuffed and shackled "prize" cow and interpret the sacred cow to be a person or thing unreasonably held immune from criticism. Is it ever unreasonable to exempt yourself from criticism, questioning, and opposition? The West disapproves of showing the sacred cow too much respect. Can you show yourself too much respect, reverence, understanding, and compassion? What horrible thing would happen if you did? Are we afraid of becoming complacent? You cannot be a bird. You are a cow. You can be a prize cow or a sacred cow. The choice is yours.