November 17, 2010

a tall drink of tea

I was just at a little yoga sojourn in Chicago, invited by a lovely lady teacher with a seriously hot body. When asked by a fellow yogi if she had done her asana (physical practice) that morning prior to teaching she replied that she no longer has much of a corporal routine, but has a strong daily meditation practice that she did in fact carry out before arriving. This piqued my interest. I asked her about it over mac and cheese, crudo fish tacos, and candied whipped yams later that evening and she described how she prescribes herself physical poses to equalize any imbalances and does only postures as her body calls for them.
Sure, she lifts weights, hikes, runs and whatnot to keep her girlish figure, but she is also known to put away three desserts a day and does all this through a profound knowledge of self. She has uncovered how to listen to her own body and she has sharpened this skill through yoga. Her bustling classes are always in awe of her lean and muscular physique and amplified yoga poses, but the secret lies not in her body, but in figuring out your own.
Days ago, I proclaimed it my mission to lower my sugar intake, and while I have not been "successful," I have learned about myself in the process. I am instead committing to letting go, realizing that becoming attached to not doing something is no different than the attachment to doing it. They are two sides of the same coin.