November 27, 2010

Don't buy into the Hype

Sipping Champagne pre-stuffing and pie.
Is it true the better the alcohol quality, the lesser the hangover?
I drank far more Veuve Clicquot than usual with no repercussions...

I had no idea the extent to which this Black Friday phenomena has taken off. My limited news feed comprises of what my husband divulges to me from his many sources on any given day, as I am not one to turn on Fox or surf the Yahoo home page. Quite frankly, after watching, listening or reading the alleged news I feel pretty nervous and anxious. But that's a whole other post. A whole other blog, even. What shocked the h*ll out of me was the numbers of people running out the day after Thanksgiving to take part in the so-called sale of a lifetime. I witnessed some of the madness on my way to a movie. Are the deals really that great? I feel like every day that I am out shopping or online hunting I find amazing value for high quality products on my own time. This weekend, they must be giving the stuff away! Either that, or, as I suspect, we are all being a little bit duped.

Do we not know how to, or, even worse, don't want to, think for ourselves anymore?

Can this really be worth the savings?
And why do we want this particular product in the first place?
Do we even want it?