November 20, 2010

The Secret

The gods on Mount Olympus argued about where the Secret of Life should be hidden.
One said, "Let us hide it high upon the tallest mountain, they shall never find it there."
A goddess replied, "Humans have insatiable curiosity and ambition. They will eventually climb the tallest mountain."
Then another goddess suggested, "We should hide the Secret of Life at the bottom of the deepest ocean."
"You don't understand," said a god, "Humanity has a boundless imagination and a potent desire to explore the world. Sooner or later they will reach even the greatest ocean depths."
Finally, a goddess came up with a solution, "Let us hide the Secret of Life in the last place humans would ever look. A place they will only come to when they have exhausted all other possibilities and are finally ready."
"And where is that?" asked the gods.
To which the goddess replied "we will not hide it all."