November 8, 2010

inner space

Kicking the sugar habit is no walk in the park. Certainly not the piece-of-cake I expected and I have been less than even merely successful. From first-hand experience I can hence deduct that this "sugar is addictive theory" is no "theory" at all. It's not science-fiction. The proof is in this blonde pudding.

Yoga is a science (not a religion) and you are the experiment, the test subject and the scientist. You create the parameters, "control" the variables, and analyze the outcomes. This leaves for some pretty messy experiments in the lab of life.

Do not be an alien to yourself.
Anytime you feel overwhelmed or anxious, come back to the body. Sit, watch your breath and notice if any areas of your body call out to you. Feel what is going on in those spaces. Send the breath to those regions. Become intimate with yourself. Get to know your body and try to give it what it really wants. Before making any decisions on what to reward yourself with or deprive yourself of, push the ego aside and come back to the body. Only you are in charge of what you put into your body. What does the body want?

Dwell not on the past, and do not attempt to predict the future. Stay present to this moment alone by making one choice at a time.