March 2, 2010

Bush League

What I wore Today

the most comfortable cowboy boots: Jeffrey Campbell. I am a fan.

I have just begun scratching the surface of this whole online shopping universe and to my surprise and fear- so far, so successful. Amazon made my apartment complete, Zappos saved my freezing feet (it's cold in San Diego at night- who knew?!,) is a loyal standby for those obligatory unnecessaries, and itunes made it a breeze to give money to Haiti (and finish season 6 Top Chef and read the "skinnygirl rules" and do free 20-min yoga workouts).
Amazon, zappos, itunes: I'm such a novice! HELP ME! I know this is a HUGE topic, but...

What are your favorite online shopping sites and tips?
(Only the best, I haven't had a mishap yet and you don't want to be the cause for my first.)

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