March 1, 2010

Green Tea KitKats OH MY

In a fashion or food rut? Get thee to an Asian market!

Yesterday I went to Japan via Mitsuwa Marketplace in Kearny Mesa – what an experience. I couldn’t help but get some insane fashion magazines that “like the torah” J pointed out, “open on the left side,” and are complete all-out Japanese fun-style with exclamation points (the only character I recognize besides the occasional “D&G”,) and collages of fashion filled to the edges. What’s next in Japanafashion? Definitely girly ruffles and flowery cutsiness: Sky-high eggshell-blue hidden platforms with seersucker baby doll onesies, university sweatshirts, Chanel chain purses and bow-tied head-scarves here I come!

J and I also came home with squishy pink jelly filled strawberry marshmallow candies and, much to J’s dismay, left behind the mini, sesame-seed caked crispy crab treats for “party-time!!!”

Kitto Katsu ! “you will surely win”

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