March 31, 2010

Fluid for Thought

National water day was March 22nd, and on that day I was surprised to learn that over 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. Learn more at

J and I use 2 glass, gallon jugs for drinking water that we end up having to refill almost daily- no wonder I pee so much. I am making it my mission to “walk for water” by filling my water jugs and carrying them home on foot, as opposed to taking my much loved gas-guzzling Defender90. Understandably not everyone has time for this- but I choose not to have time for the gym. Walking for water equals cardio, weightlifting, plus hydration; I can already feel myself treading the earth lightly- in more ways than one!

PLEASE think about alternatives to plastic water bottles if you are still in that habit.
I drink a gallon a day without having to tote it around with me everywhere, it can be done.

As important as ‘saving the earth’ by making ‘green decisions’ and progress through action, is changing the way we view, and our relationship with, the earth. Rather than a me-versus-it situation, can we put right our reality to realize that we are nature? Where does the earth end and we begin? Meditate on that.

Simply sit still and listen to the sounds around you. Are they man-made, or straight from mother earth? How do they make you feel? Which noises soothe you and which cause you to tense up? What noise do you resonate with the most?

Realizing that we are children of the earth can be freeing and enlivening. It can appease our endless wants, needs, and desires and slow us down.

Also, the orange shirt this doodle is wearing is a Threads 4 Thought (click) sustainable apparel Tee that comes in a variety of colors at Whole Foods Market for $10.50. So comfy, I’ll definitely be purchasing more the next time I pop in.

Have you checked out the Life series on Discovery Channel? (Sunday evenings, narrated by Oprah!)

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