March 17, 2010

Real Housewife of San Diego

Nice French Mani.

Ok, so I’m not technically a housewife (fingers crossed, though- haha) but lately I’ve been leading the life of one; an expert grocery shopping, baking, table setting, home-making little lady. The only missing element is the primping and pampering, so today I set out to change that. I went to my Mecca- Massage Envy and followed it up with a long-lost lover, the Asian nail ‘spa’. I feel loose as a goose from the rubdown and so joyous and downright hot from looking down on those little French toes! No self- produced pedicure can compare (and I have a steady hand.)

My blonde mane is getting it’s annual Sun-In induced accents (you heard me right, that little bottle of diluted hydrogen peroxide from the 90’s can still be found at the very bottom corner of the hair coloring aisle in your local CVS. Not recommended for anyone but the towheads! Don’t come running to me if your pony goes orange.) That and the glow of 80-degree Cali sun on my skin means I’m T.V. ready. And I don’t even need to be. How lucky am I? So here’s to putting in a little effort for a lotta of wowza.

My mantra: “a little effort”. Slow and steady wins the proverbial race of no-destination.

Isn’t it amazing what your body will give back when you pay it a tiny bit of attention? And what about your work , reaching out to a friend, or just resting.

A little walk.

A little time to blog.

A little phone call.

A little hair and makeup.

It all adds up so beautifully. And I (you) will always be camera ready ;)

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