March 4, 2010

Today is J's birthday

With a CAVS theme.

J will be getting a homemade Paula Deen southern style red-velvet cake as requested. In World War II the red-velvet cake came about as bakers used boiled beets to enhance the color of their confections when provisions were rationed.


In numerous instances (one right here in California) dolphins have been recorded as protecting humans from shark bites by way of encircling the victim. Very little research has been done on the mysterious and fascinating relationship between sharks and dolphins.

Fear not, Wikipedia advises this as a precaution for avoiding an attack:

“Don't swim alone, always be near a group of people, and if possible, avoid being at the edge of the group.” haha

Please note as I was baking and decorating I didn’t do much drawing, these little mangas I just whipped up with the aid of a tutorial. Great Practice!

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