March 22, 2010

How you do one thing is how you do every thing

How you do one thing is how you do every thing

Neurologists have proven that the human brain does not have the capability to multi-task, instead the mind goes back-and-forth at lightening speed from one focus to another, giving us yet another reason to BE PRESENT. Putting our full attention and doing with intention the task at hand can be a meditative practice in any undertaking. Brushing your teeth becomes an invigorating mouth massage, folding clothes a tender origami, and the dishes a nightly baptism. By proving that we are unable to multi-task, one can deduct that when we are doing many things at once we are, in fact, doing nothing. No more multi-tasking! How freeing!

A practice in being present:

We all know how important it is to treat all living beings with respect- though we sometimes need a little reminder, but what about non-living beings? How do we treat our inanimate objects? And how do we think that translates into the rest of our lives? Everything, not just everyone, serves its purpose and the fun part is that, like people, when treated with appreciation our material objects are sure to give back in spades.

(Inspired by Aadil B. Palkhivala)

Hot Cocoa Meditation

I personally never 'warmed up' to coffee, but give me a steamy cup of melted chocolate and simmering milk (NOT powder and water) with full-fat whipped cream and I will sit still and sip slow. Add a little coconut, chili powder, or liqueur depending on the location/occasion, and with that my friends I have meditated my way through fall in Paris and winter in Aspen. In fact, this past weekend I was just in Aspen giving the mug what's likely to be its last use until next year. March 20th was the first day of spring!

If it's cold where you are:

Please have/make some real hot cocoa and review the recipe for me! I have yet to make my own... (which is very unlike me, I'm the DIY experimenter type) and I bet you are too.

How's your Aspen?

(J and I)

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